IGB Boardroom

India Global Business Boardroom

Over the years India Global Business (IGB) has brought its readers incisive content and expert opinions from industry and business leaders, building a vast and strong network of thought leaders and influencers along the way.

Our latest endeavour combines two of our core offerings - bringing cutting edge ideas together with industry and business leaders.

Introducing the India Global Business Boardroom

The IGB Boardroom is an exclusive platform for senior leaders from various sectors within the industry around the world to engage and work on outcome-driven strategies to enhance strategic alliances and collaborations with their sector and their businesses.

The IGB Boardroom will bring the best and brightest minds in the industry together to discuss the most poignant policies and trends in the industry, to influence policies and business practices.

Scheduled to meet quarterly, every year, this exclusive, members-only meeting will be held under the Chatham House Rule and will address a variety of topics within individual sectors.


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About IGB

The IGB platform offers in-depth analyses and expert opinions on business, trade, policy initiatives and foreign direct investment in and out of India.

IGB reaches global Indians, Indian policy makers, foreign policy makers, global CEOs & senior executives, investment agencies, leaders from professional services industry, financial firms and influencers.

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