India - UK Defence Boardroom

India - UK Defence Boardroom


Details of the first meeting of the India-UK Defence Boardroom are shared below India & the UK: Co-creating technologies, strengthening partnerships 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM (BST) - 15 April 2021 - Virtual

In 2015, Indian Prime Minister Modi and UK Prime Minister David Cameron signed the ‘UK-India Defence and International Security Partnership’. The scope of the partnership covered areas including Defence Collaboration, Make in India, Counter-Terrorism and Cyber. Under Defence Collaboration, the partnership highlighted the need to establish relationships that would “enable transfer of strategic capability between our two nations, including defence technologies and manufacturing in areas of mutual interest.” This ground-breaking declaration laid the foundations of the concept of ‘co creation’ and opened up a unique and unprecedented opportunity for deep collaboration between the two defence industries.

Six years on, this India - UK Defence Boardroom will assess where the two industries have reached in co-creating technologies, identify the challenges and opportunities, and discuss in an outcome-driven manner how to give further impetus to this unique strategic relationship.


This Boardroom will seek answers to the following questions:

  • What do India and UK’s defence technology road maps look like?
  • Have we made the most of ‘co-creation’? What are the opportunities and limitations?
  • How do we support and nurture a vibrant start-up ecosystem to benefit both nations?

Tentative Agenda

India & the UK Co-creating technologies, strengthening partnerships

The co-chairs will set the scene for this Boardroom, the business and strategic context of the discussions, and outline key questions that will be addressed.

Opening Remarks

Short opening remarks for senior Indian and UK government officials outlining the contours of their respective government policy

Technology Road Maps

Understanding India & UK perspectives in aerospace & marine. Panellists will share an overview of the technological capabilities of the UK and India and discuss how they can complement each other

A Winning Partnership

A presentation by UK & Indian collaborators on a project they are currently working on – highlighting their goals, challenges, and ambitions for the partnership.

Design with India

Mapping opportunities and challenges in co-creation going forward, developing a G2G framework between the UK and India

Going Big

A presentation by a leading Indian defence company on its vision, ambitions, and offering to the UK defence industry.

Pillars of India’s Defence Industry Ambitions

A keynote address followed by a moderated conversation with [the Chairman/CEO of an Indian defence organisation]. What self-reliance means for India and why it is a top priority. With this objective in focus, the conversation will attempt to decode how India views its partnerships going forward

Supporting a vibrant innovation ecosystem

What can the UK and India’s Defence & Aerospace leaders do to develop a thriving defence focused start-up ecosystem in India

A co-chair will summerise the key ideas and outcomes of the Summit and set out the plans for future interaction between Boardroom participants. Each Boardroom results in a report of the ideas and outcomes discussed to be shared with business and government decision-makers, along with periodic feedback and briefings.

Next Meeting

Week of 28 June at India Global Forum, Windsor – Hybrid/Physical



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