Global Investors Boardroom

Mission: Support FDI flows into India by evaluating opportunities, tackling barriers to entry and impediments to growth.

Context: A global recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic also means an Indian recovery – neither will happen without the other. Despite the pandemic, India attracted total FDI inflow of $58.37 billion during April to November 2020 - the highest ever for the first eight months of a financial year and 22 per cent higher as compared to the first eight months of 2019-20 ($47.67 billion). With India now looking to come out of this crisis and get back on a trajectory towards its target of becoming a 5 trillion-dollar economy, and with FDI routes opening up across sectors - the scale of opportunity is huge. The challenges also remain significant. This Boardroom will explore the changes needed to create the most attractive investing environment, evaluate opportunities, and addressing the regulatory and policy initiatives required to make that happen.

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