Modi lays out a post pandemic exit strategy
Modi lays out a post pandemic exit strategy

Modi lays out a post pandemic exit strategy


As India fights the virus with vigour, PM Modi has also urged his ministers to plan for the future and mark out areas of priority and reform.

Pro-active and pre-emptive. These are the two operative strategies in play when assessing the performance of global leaders currently battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among them, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stamped out his credentials as a visionary. Demonstrably agile and adaptive to the current crisis, PM Modi has also set out blueprints for business continuity, ensuring that his cabinet resonates the message of optimism. Reforms and exit strategies are the buzzword.

Internally, India fights the virus with the vigour that its diversity offers. The report card has been positive. Using this optimism, Modi has urged his ministers to prepare for major decisions and mark out areas of priority while implementing reforms.

The philosophy for India's exit strategy is in place - 'Make in India' and reduce dependence on other countries. Leveraging this, India will be reasserting its reputation as a global power across a world also being ravaged by the pandemic.

India's strength is its credibility. The prime minister's tweet to leaders of SAARC nations asking for a strategy to combat future pandemics highlights his ability to unite and re-energise the region and, in doing so, New Delhi has underlined the need for multilaterism, a quality lacking globally.

Modi's call is a healing gesture. It underscores India's reputation as a responsible and collaborative global player with a capacity to lead from the front.

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