The future is already here

The future is already here

Joyeeta Das is the Founder and CEO of Gyana. In the interview with 'India Global Business', the tech entrepreneur shares her thoughts on the current and upcoming trends in tech.

How has Big Data and AI evolved in the context of Gyana

It has always been a problem of scale. Also, techwise, we had to invent the stack as there is no ready-made software stack for deep learning on geospatial data. Currently, we are leading this space and have two patents on this.

How did the Silicon Valley experience feed into your serial entrepreneurship streak

It helped to have met globally successful and hardworking entrepreneurs. Their maverick and rebellious attitude is very inspiring and infectious.

What excites you about the world of tech and how does it connect with your other passions

Tech is not a separate world for me, it is the only one I know. I live, breathe, sleep tech. My world is pretty much just one filter. I also love to know about deep sea diving and marine mammals.

Where do you see the next big tech idea coming from

'The future is already here - it is just unevenly distributed'. I think it's all here - from alternative currencies to connected cars to thin wearables to voice embarked tech to facial and voice recognition to deep fakes and robots - the future is right here and exponentially evolving.

How do you react to some of the hyperbole around robots taking over human jobs

Well, they certainly will take over receptive tasks as that is the whole point. However, more jobs will be created in other spheres that we didn't think before. For instance, 10 years ago, Airbnb 'operator' wasn't a thing and yet many small hotels lost out to them. So new areas will develop for sure.

How connected do you feel to the Digital India programme as a Global Indian

It is wonderful to see Initiatives like these that can accelerate and change the face of this highly capable nation. It is a future forward step and I wish it all the success it truly deserves. I am hoping corporates and HNWI and governments will pool in resources to make it a big one.

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