Working towards A Better Life, A Better World
Working towards A Better Life, A Better World

Working towards A Better Life, A Better World

Education, vocational training, healthcare and environmental consciousness form the pillars of Panasonic's CSR activities in India.

  • Panasonic's “A Better Life, A Better World” CSR programme focuses on sustainable development of the society by working with the local community.
  • The company runs various CSR projects focusing on building skills, enabling access to opportunities for learning and technological development and improving health services for the remote communities.
  • The company also sponsors a scholarship called “Ratti Chhatr Scholarship' programme to engineering students need of funds to pursue higher education.
The corporate setup in India has a key role to play by not only augmenting the entrepreneurial ecosystem for its citizens but also creating value by addressing social issues to ensure fast,
and resource-efficient growth. Sustainability and development go hand in hand, which is why it is imperative to ensure a culture of accountability and integrity while keeping sustainability and social impact as essential to organisational growth. Ensuring sustainable development of the society by working with employees, their families and the local community to provide “A Better Life, A Better World” is what defines our vision at Panasonic. Striving towards inclusive growth is a part of our commitment towards the society. With this objective, Panasonic has been engaged in various CSR activities towards nurturing the skill, promoting talent, enabling access to opportunities for learning and technological development while ensuring availability to health services for the remote communities. Our belief in working towards inclusive growth has enabled us to define our initiatives around broad pillars viz. education and vocational training, healthcare and environmental development. At Panasonic India, we value the essence of
and understand the importance of provisioning with means like scholarships in order to encourage talented students to continue pushing the limits and set a mark for themselves. Establishing the ground for future innovators and leaders, Panasonic India instituted the 'Ratti Chhatr Scholarship' programme in 2015 awarding scholarship to engineering students with an objective to provide assistance to select and needy undergraduate students, enabling them to pursue higher education. It serves as a platform to help propel students to realise their full potential and thus contribute to the country's development. By providing the youth of this country with the essential tool - education - we hope to not only make a difference but also strive to inspire the next great Indian success story. Panasonic goes a step further beyond traditional education to provide platforms for developing livelihood opportunities through skill enhancement. We have outlined various programmes aimed at empowering the youth by easing technological accessibility, building vocational skills, encouraging an entrepreneurial outlook and so on. For the seamless execution and encouraging participation, all the traits introduced under the “Swabhimaan” programme for skill development have been designed based on the requirement of talent for the local industry in areas where the skill centres of Panasonic operate. The programme has experienced a positive outcome by not only successful training but also placing the youth trained under such programmes. Further, motivating and encouraging the young talent residing in remote areas and villages by recognising their performance and participation in the field of education and sports is another effort by Panasonic which has been capable of dramatic results, especially encouraging the girl child to pursue higher education and helping them get recognition at global platforms for their achievements.
is another area of concern for the wellbeing of any society. Aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, Panasonic in India has been enabling access to healthcare at the doorstep for the rural population. In rural areas, people who are vulnerable and old often find it difficult to access and afford visiting a health clinic for treatment. Due to poor financial conditions or long distances, they are unable to pay for transport or doctor's fees or medicines. Hence, it becomes necessary to bring medical facilities at their doorsteps. To serve the same purpose, Panasonic India, in partnership with Jubilant Bhartia Foundation, started a mobile Medicare unit in the state of Haryana in December 2013, under the Health Arogya Programme.
Panasonic India's aim has also been to create businesses and products that would contribute to economic development along with preserving the natural environment, thereby ensuring that the customers can achieve a better quality of life. Our sustainability initiatives are designed to reduce potentially adverse environmental impacts from our business through measures such as mitigation of global warming, proper management of chemical substances, reduction of waste and having a focused approach on the efficient use of limited resources throughout our business operations. With this vision, Panasonic has been engaged in various environmental and sustainability initiatives since its inception. In continuation of our efforts, Panasonic launched the “Joy of Green” programme (Harit Umang) which innovatively engages the youth of the country to create mass awareness and sensitisation on environmental issues. The initiative attempts to have a simple yet impactful approach for bringing in a significant behavioural change of adopting green practices by the community. Engaging the school students and RWA, the strength of the programme lies in its holistic approach reflected in the four themes involving safe and responsible disposal of electronic waste (e-waste), tree plantation drives, innovative models for energy conservation and zero plastic zones. All our business milestones at Panasonic are integrated, and we constantly thrive to create valuable ideas as exemplified in our brand slogan “A Better Life, A Better World”.
Ritu Ghosh is HOD - Corporate Affairs & CSR at Panasonic India.
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