One-of-a-kind online school launches in India

One-of-a-kind online school launches in India

A one-of-a-kind online school has launched in India. Known as Cyboard School, it is a brainchild of two serial entrepreneurs and visionaries - Rajat Singhal, Co-founder & CEO, and Kunal Singhal, Co-founder & CTO.

Its salient feature is a hybrid model of delivery encompassing a mix of online classes which will be followed by physical camps spread over 30 days in a year and few city-level Interactions. The school targets enrolment of about 5000 students in Standards 1-3 by the end of March 2021 and acquire 1 per cent of India's K-12 market share by 2025. It aims to overcome the drawbacks in conventional K-12 education, including lack of personalized learning, lack of requisite infrastructure and good teachers, limited student-teacher interaction and increased dependence on tuitions and impart futuristic education to students through state-of-the-art infrastructure, expert faculty members, irrespective of any geographical barriers. "India possesses one of the largest educational systems in the world. The Online K-12 segment is projected to be nearly 3.7 times its existing size of USD 1.16 Bn to USD 4.3 Bn by 2025. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the significance of digitization across sectors and education is no exception," Rajat Singhal, Co-founder, Cyboard School.

"We are excited to embark on this new journey in our endeavour to facilitate anywhere access to education. Through a hybrid model, personalized attention and leveraging of state-of-the-art technology, Cyboard School overcomes the drawbacks in conventional education," he added.

Cyboard School will commence initially with classes 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, updated curriculum and the latest pedagogy to provide individualized attention to students are some of its unique value propositions. The school encourages Adaptive Learning to lay a strong conceptual foundation thereby eliminating the need for external tuitions. It also leverages AI for facial recognition and body language assessment.

The school is based on a monthly fee model. It will ensure economies of scale through advanced technology solutions.

The school has been co-founded by Rajat Singhal and Kunal Singhal. CA Rajat Singhal is a serial entrepreneur with a vast experience in multiple domains viz, Education, Finance, Hospitality and Real Estate. From bootstrapping businesses; to mobilizing and completing stuck-up projects; to land acquisitions; to turning loss-making ventures into profitable ones, he has an experience of turning difficulties into opportunities which is also the case in Cyboard School.

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